So grateful that we were able to travel to Salina to celebrate Christmas with my parents and my brother’s family over the weekend! This is our usual time that we get together each year, and the timing worked out very well! Putting puzzles together Saturday afternoon was definitely the highlight, as I was finally feeling somewhat normal. Throughout the weekend, I was still struggling with regulating my digestion, fighting off the feeling of being cramped up and icky throughout the day after extended toilet time in the mornings. I enjoyed my mom’s cooking for both lunch and dinner on Saturday though! I was hungry for breakfast this morning, but after a few scrambled eggs, I had to call it quits.

We made it back to Olathe this afternoon without incident and it feels good to be home again. Tara had her worship playlist going in the car, and included one of my favorite songs:

Way maker
Miracle worker
Promise keeper
Light in the darkness
My God
That is who you are

My soapmaking friends are making me cry with their awesome, supportive words of encouragement. Kenna posted this on Instagram yesterday, and Lisa, one of the Soap Challenge Club members, contacted a bunch of people and put together this video for me. I’ve gotten several notices that I have mail piling up at my mail forwarding service, so I’m excited to go pick that up!

Who wants to come help me take down Christmas decorations this week?? Alexa?