It’s been 35 days since I’ve made soap! I received a custom order for a loaf of Ultimate Oatmeal soap, so I decided to make it today. Fortunately it’s just a mix and pour recipe – no fancy designs – and it turned out just lovely! I’ve prepped my oils for another custom order so they will be ready to go when the fragrance arrives in the mail. It felt good to get back to work for a bit this afternoon!

Rebble is planning to come over and make soap for the February soap challenge on Tuesday. I need to send her a few videos in the meantime so she has an idea of what she’s signed up for!

I’m planning to work on the tutorial for the January challenge tomorrow. Belinda is my guest teacher and she’s been sending me her videos over the past couple days. Everything is coming together nicely!

Also, Tara and her friends made it home from Atlanta where they rang in the New Year with 65,000 other college students at the Passion conference.

Tara’s view from the Mercedes Benz stadium

They had an incredible experience of course! Tara said her favorite speakers were Sadie Robertson and Shelly Giglio, but she was sad that her voice wasn’t cooperating for the worship time. She’s been sick, and continues to feel poorly, so pray that she gets better and for protection for the rest of us!