After starting steroids yesterday, and not sleeping much last night, I had my second chemo treatment today! It actually went better than my first one – thanks to everyone’s prayers and knowing what to expect this time! They started me on the herceptin this time, then perjeta (this one was first last time), then taxotere and carboplatin. No issues with any of them! Kylie had to go to school today, but Kent stayed through the morning, then went and picked up lunch for us and had to get to work. Tara stayed for the entire time, and we watched my favorite Pride & Prejudice movie after lunch. She did leave at the end to pick up my fun mail from the temporary mail service and brought it back right as I was finishing up:

Breast cancer goody bag!! I’m most excited about the ballpoint pens at the moment since I’ve been journaling so much lately that I’ve run most of my pens out of ink!
Goody bag also included these pins!
Hello, cookies!!! Six dozen amazing oatmeal cookies!!
Cards I’ve received recently – some in the mail and some in person! Plus – Sonic gift card for my favorite cherry limeade (a very rare treat!)

I was sucking on ice chips today almost the entire time – except when I was eating! I’m hoping this will help prevent the feeling of my mouth being burned. I can tell the roof of my mouth feels a little dry tonight, but otherwise not bad. Last time the burned feeling really started the day after treatment.

I also picked up some melatonin at Walgreen’s tonight to help me sleep. I took Benadryl last night and just kept fighting it off whenever I felt it pulling me under.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers!! I’ll keep you posted on how I feel this week. I have a feeling my hair is getting shaved sooner than later… I’m honestly surprised it has stayed around this long! I’ve been waiting for it to fall out in clumps, but so far it’s just been a lot of shedding. A lot more shedding today than yesterday. I had Helen in the Appearance Center trim up my wig again today – I’ll show it to you soon! I have been gifted some really cool hats to wear too – like the one in the photo above.

If you’re still reading this, just know that I am so blessed to have you in my life!