In order for everyone to have a part in shaving my head this morning, we were all up by 7am! Kylie had called dibs on finishing it all up after Kent and Tara each took a turn. Kent got to do the first swipes through the middle! Here’s a 1-minute video to show you how it all went down:

I’m actually relieved that this part is done!! I’m not concerned about my hair shedding everywhere, or wondering if it’s going to fall out in clumps, or wondering if it’s just looking too thin… I was ready!! Now it’s a bit breezy and cool, and I love wearing my warm hats – even around the house! But I know you are all dying to find out what my wig looks like, so…

Blondes have more fun, right??

FYI, I’m still feeling better today than I did the day after my first treatment! I was able to exercise this morning, and laid down for a rest this afternoon, although I didn’t quite get to sleep. I could tell that my taste buds weren’t quite right when I ate lunch today, but still don’t think the burned feeling is as bad as it was last time either. Hooray!! I have one last dose of oral steroids tonight, and I’ll take more melatonin with those as it worked better than Benadryl the night before. Last time it was the second day after treatment that the fatigue hit pretty hard, so my plan is to try to exercise again in the morning to help boost my energy!