I started to write this post yesterday, and then got too tired to finish! Fatigue definitely set in, but I was determined to go to the Look Good, Feel Better workshop at the Cancer Center yesterday afternoon. They gave us a huge bag full of makeup and showed us how to apply it! That’s my “after” photo above. My usual routine is a simple powder for my face, a bit of blush, eyeliner, mascara and brow pencil. Now I have some better coverage with concealer and actual foundation in addition to powder and highlighter, plus a new eye palette and two lipsticks and lip liner!

All the new goodies!

Many of you are asking how I’m doing after this second round of chemo, and I keep telling you I’m feeling better than I did after the first round! That’s still true. I’ve had some issues with acid reflux this time that I don’t remember having last time, but famotidine and antacids are working for that. My taste buds are definitely dulled, but my mouth still doesn’t feel burned like it did last time! I took a preemptive Imodium last night and I haven’t had any trouble with diarrhea today. Just still feeling groggy after sleeping fairly well. I wish the weather was nicer so I could go for a walk, but 14 degrees F is still just a bit too chilly for me! Today will be a rest day, I’m sure.

My biggest prayer request today isn’t for me – it’s for my cousin. Her 15-year-old daughter was killed in a car accident yesterday, and my heart breaks for her and her family!! Praying that God would surround them with His love, and comfort them with His peace.