My daughter Kylie had her first Winter Guard competition today – she’s the one on the right, and her best friend Emma is on the left. The show is called “Vincent” based on the one and only VanGogh. Here’s the very start of the show with the tarp and Starry Night painting:

I didn’t take any more photos because I hadn’t seen the show before and I wanted to take it all in, but someone did take a video! They did an amazing job – took 1st place in their division by 12 points and will probably have to move up a division for the next tournament.

I received two fun gifts yesterday. One in the mail, and one that was left on my porch! A soapmaking friend sent me a pair of earrings that she made from seeds covered in polymer clay. I have never seen such intricate work from clay. (The stamen are made from wire, but everything you see below the metal bead is clay!)

My friend Sarah from church left a little bucket of flower bulbs that have just started to grow on my porch. The note says, “My prayer is that you grow with strength, peace, hope and healing in these days ahead. May caring for this plant and anticipating its blooming resemble how He is growing you too.”

I can’t wait to see what kind of flowers they are!! I’ll have to post updates as the plants grow…

I’m still waiting for the protonix to kick in. The pharmacist said it could take up to a week. Meanwhile, I’m taking some famotidine as well and generally just living with a little bit of reflux. Antacids don’t seem to help much. Otherwise, I’m feeling pretty great!! Please just keep praying that the next round will be as easy as this one has been. I know your prayers are working!!