They told me chemo can send me into menopause, and I’d say the hot flashes I’ve been experiencing at night may be a sign of that! I slept reasonably well last night between flashes and have been eating despite not feeling especially hungry. I even did a 30-minute exercise video this morning, and my resistance band broke off at the handle! It was getting rather old… As I was scrolling through Instagram this morning, I was actually feeling inspired to make soap!

But by this afternoon, I could tell fatigue was setting in. I did some reading, watched some TV, and not much else! I took my last dose of steroids this evening, and so far still feeling very tired. My taste buds have changed again – water tastes funny, but I’ve still been drinking plenty of it! The gas pressure isn’t as bad now, thankfully. Just a lot more tired.

Tomorrow is the big Chiefs parade in downtown Kansas City! My daughter’s school district canceled school for the event – she says she’ll take the opportunity to sleep in! The weather is going to be a bit nasty, actually. Cold and snowy! Thankful I was feeling good the day of the Super Bowl – we had such a good time with our friends!

Back when it was 60 degrees and sunny with snow on the ground on Super Bowl Sunday!

You won’t see me at the parade tomorrow – I’ll be snuggled up tight in my warm house!