Today I’m feeling about like I did yesterday, which is actually an improvement over previous cycles, as Wednesday is usually when the fatigue starts to hit. Whenever someone has asked me what to pray for specifically this week, I said – that I don’t crash too hard! It felt good to exercise this morning, and I ate a good breakfast too!

My neighbor across the street brought some yummy food over this morning: a rotesserie chicken (which has been a staple for me during chemo since it actually tastes good!) plus a hummus tray, a chopped salad kit, and some plums.

Then the fun mail came this afternoon, which also includes some meals via a stack of gift cards from a soapmaking friend!

Also a beautiful pop-up card from my aunt and uncle! How can you NOT feel better after seeing this??

One more package of goodies from a soapmaking friend who assures me she reads my blog and knows that I’m not struggling with nausea, but has hooked me up with all the ginger stuff. I’ve tried the candied ginger from TJ’s and really like it, so no worries there! Plus some great Christian music, cute socks, an engraved bracelet “she believed she could so she did” and other fun stuff:

I Made Some Correlations…

It would seem that the steroids are what are causing more intense hot flashes at the beginning of my treatment cycles! Took my last dose last night and had two flashes before I even went to bed. Then had them again in the night about every 3 hours. Slept fine otherwise!

I also asked my nurse as she was administering the pre-meds that include an anti-nausea if it causes constipation because I seem to have some trouble with that the first couple days after treatment. She said it was the same family of medicine as Zofran which has constipation as a known side effect, so yes! So I made sure I was more prepared for that and took some precautions.

Overall, I’d say this round is feeling pretty good!! Tomorrow will tell, as Thursday has typically been my most difficult day as far as fatigue, but somehow I don’t think it will be too bad!