Yes, I made soap again today! I’m just glad I feel good enough to keep making soap, because I sure do enjoy it. This is another custom batch for a friend – made with goat’s milk and pulverized oats, scented with a lavender essential oil blend.

Last night I had trouble sleeping because my heart was pounding in my ears. I could tell yesterday morning it was beating a little harder than it should be when I was exercising. I messaged my nurse navigator who passed me on to my oncologist’s nurse. She said as long as I don’t have other symptoms like shortness of breath or extra fatigue, it could be that I’m just a little dehydrated. I drink 2 liters (68 ounces) of water every day, but I told her I would drink more today and see if it helps! She asked Dr. Corum about it and he wasn’t concerned either, but of course if I have chest pain, arm pain or jaw pain to get to the ER.

I went for another walk this afternoon – couldn’t resist since it was 60 degrees and sunny – but had to walk pretty slowly because my heart seemed like it was working too hard otherwise. It seemed to help the neuropathy in my feet though! My left foot was a little more tingly when I got up this morning, but this evening it’s much better.

My sister-in-law gave me a link to the B vitamins she takes without any side effects, so I have those ordered. Please just pray that these heart palpitations subside!