The sun came out and so did the flowers! It was in the upper 60’s today and I decided it was time to get out for a walk and some fresh air. I found that our magnolia tree in the back yard was blooming (photo above) as well as the grape hyacinths around the front maple tree:

Kent took advantage of the warm weather to work outside on the scaffolding, and found out how poorly constructed the chimney actually was. We had water damage from the joints not meeting in the corners, so instead of just taking off the trim, he had to take it down to the studs! Tara was his trusty assistant:

I had another bloody stool this morning, so my doctor is recommending suppositories and if it’s not better by the end of the week, I’ll have to go in and get my blood counts checked. Please pray that I will heal up quickly!

Otherwise, I’m feeling pretty good! I enjoyed walking through my neighborhood. There were quite a few people out for walks, several were out riding bicycles, and others were sitting out on their driveways. I’m pretty sure there was an illegal cluster of more than 10 neighbors chatting in one of the cul de sacs! A few people met me on the sidewalk and didn’t look at me at all, one moved to the street to avoid passing me on the sidewalk, and the rest were quite friendly!

I finished up the tutorial for the April soap challenge today, so my reward is that tomorrow I get to make soap – hooray!