So this is a new trend going around – with everyone going on walks lately, people in various neighborhoods have been putting teddy bears in their window for the kids to find. Kylie and I were out for a walk today and found several!

It prompted Kylie to put one of her bears in the window when we got home, although we might need to find a window without a screen for him!

I can tell I’m on the upswing again. My heart isn’t pounding quite so hard (although I did have to slow down when we walked uphill today). I’m back to the familiar watery, puffy eyes stage and drippy nose. I also have some lingering numbness in my left foot, but it’s not bad. I’ll take any of these any day over digestive issues!

I’m scheduled for an echocardiogram on Tuesday. The automated message I received to confirm my appointment said if it’s not a critical procedure I should reschedule. I’ve already emailed my nurse to see what my doctor has to say. This would be the first time they’ve checked my heart since starting treatment, and herceptin in particular can potentially cause heart damage. While I believe the heart pounding is more related to being anemic, I wouldn’t mind finding out for sure that everything else is working properly! Just a matter of weighing benefits vs. risks of doing it right now. If I do need to go in, I’ll definitely appreciate your prayers! It would be in the doctor building area of Olathe Medical Center.

Also – I was able to go pick up more FUN MAIL yesterday!! I received a sweet note and Hy-Vee gift card from a church friend, and another card from a soapmaking friend. Hooray!!