Thanks so much for praying for me as I went to my echocardiogram today! Kent offered me his N95 mask that he has used for woodworking, and I also wore the nitrile gloves that I wear for soapmaking. They had someone at the door who asked if I had been out of the country, if I had a fever or if I had been in contact with anyone with the coronavirus. I passed the test, so she gave me a sticker that said “screened” with a check mark on it.

All of the employees were wearing masks, and some also had face shields. The tech who did the echo was the same one who did my first one. When she called me back, I mentioned that and she said, “sorry, I don’t remember” and I was like, “well, you can’t exactly see my face.” Then after I got changed into the gown, I was reminding her that my husband was the IT guy and it was when she had all the trouble getting her machine to boot up and ended up having to use a different machine – then she said, “Oh yes! Now I remember! You had just gotten your port!” YEP. I must say it was much more fascinating to watch the screens when I was fully alert today, compared to when I was coming off anesthesia. As she was finishing up she told me that my heart looked good, but I didn’t hear it from her… Thank you, Lord!!!

Not sure if this is a chemo side effect, but right before dinner I started seeing weird colorful light flashes in my left peripheral vision. All through dinner they kept changing, and creeping toward the center of my vision. They switched from being colored to white, then just blurry. Then after dinner I went upstairs to fold my clothes that I had washed as soon as I got home from my appointment and realized that my vision was back to normal. It was very strange and I hope it doesn’t happen again!

And finally, here’s a sneak peek at the peppermint soap I made today for a friend in Clay Center: