We had a really nice Easter Sunday – starting with online worship in our living room! The message from our senior pastor was really fantastic – based on the premise that the greatest answer to prayer in history was NO. All of Jesus’ prayers up to the time of his impending crucifixion had been answered with a YES. This was different. He was about to drink the cup of God’s wrath – every injustice this world has ever committed and ever will commit – and He didn’t want to do it. He begged the Father to let Him off the hook, but the answer was NO. And the result is the amazing gift of His life for mine – and yours. Truly worth celebrating!!

The girls had their annual egg hunt right before it started raining. I hide the same number of eggs filled with candy in the front and back yard, then one girl takes the front and the other takes the back and it’s a competition to see who can find all the eggs first! Kylie usually wins, and this year was no different. She has a good eye!

I received a sweet Easter card with a Walmart gift card inside from our neighbors. I love the message and special drawing by their kids!! Good to know they still think of me with hair:

After a delicious dinner fixed by Kent, we put together some fun packages with homemade chocolate chip cookies and stove-top popcorn for our Grace group, delivered them to their porches, then met with them later via Skype! It’s great to be able to stay connected at least virtually right now.

I’m feeling my energy increase each day. I’m still exercising, and today I even cleaned our bathroom! Then I rested by working on my puzzle. I’m finally past the half-way point! My left leg and foot are still a bit tingly and my thumbs are sensitive to pressure from neuropathy. My nose is getting drippy again, and my heart is starting to pound sometimes, but overall I’m feeling pretty good this round! I feel like my tummy has been more settled than usual – even though I still don’t have much of an appetite. Eating doesn’t bother it at all – hooray!! Thanks so much for your continued prayers!