Oh my goodness. I can’t believe it only took 7 days to finish this puzzle!! I figured it might take all month! I did get about 30 minutes of help from this child when I was nearing completion this afternoon:

She was having fun locating the pieces on the photo and placing them. My eyes aren’t that good – even with my reading glasses! While I didn’t accomplish much else today, I’m glad to have the puzzle done!

I had fun sitting in on Tara’s drawing class (via Zoom) this afternoon. They were sharing their work and commenting on each others’ drawings. Tara loves her teacher (who is also her advisor) and I can understand why. She was telling them that their work was good enough to sell right now, and I completely agree!! She also talked about how when artists get together, it’s easy to feel a competitive spirit, but they get to make the choice to support one another. Love that! I really enjoyed seeing the other students’ work and hear them talk about what they learned and what they liked or disliked about their projects. Here’s Tara’s piece:

She also had a meeting with one of the Spanish professors today since she wants to minor in Spanish, but she didn’t take any Spanish classes this year, so he wasn’t sure if she was actually ready for the Intermediate class (skipping Elementary Spanish I & II). They spoke in Spanish for the first part of the call, and apparently he was impressed with her skills. He talked her into taking a second Spanish class in the fall so that she could potentially study abroad for a semester and be able to major instead of minor!

I haven’t heard from my nurse navigator yet, so I emailed her this afternoon just to check in and see if she’s getting my appointments set up. I hope she’s doing ok!! Tomorrow the girls are going to help me clean the house. They are thrilled.