Yesterday, I received this fun package of soap goodies from one of my soapmaking friends in Colorado. I was able to meet her in person last May when I was in the area for a prayer conference. Christine makes incredibly beautiful, over-the-top soap designs and these are from her Spring/Easter collection. The Precious Pocket Tail soap actually has a little bunny tail and a pocket with a little carrot in it (all made of soap, of course!) on the back. The diffuser bottle has fun little charms in the bottom, and the whipped soap has a piece of natural sea sponge inside!

Today’s mail included a fun surprise from my friend Anhoki in Tennessee, who was originally a soapmaking friend, but now she makes amazing glass art pieces. We’ve never met in real life, but we’ve known each other online since I was first getting started making soap in the early 2000’s. I’m pretty sure we first met in a Yahoo group, if you remember what that was! It’s been overcast all day, but the sun finally came out this evening, so I made sure to get a photo of this gorgeous piece:

Thank you, friends!!! I’m so thrilled to receive such beautiful handmade gifts!

Oh, you wanted a health update?? Right. I’m feeling pretty good. The past couple of days I’ve noticed my heart pounding a little harder as I enter my most anemic state and my white blood count is at its lowest. I’m still trying to regulate my digestive system as well, but doing a lot of “normal” activities, and looking forward to warmer weather this weekend!

Kent and I met with Dr. Storm, the plastic surgeon, yesterday since we hadn’t met him before so we could get our questions answered and hear his recommendations. We have an appointment with Dr. Anderson, the cancer surgeon, on Tuesday and that should help us make our final decision about which surgery to do: lumpectomy vs. mastectomy. Since there’s a questionable area on the left side that could develop into cancer in the future, at the very least I would have lumpectomies on both sides. At this point, if it seems necessary to do a mastectomy on the right (cancer side), I would go ahead and do the left side as well and plan for reconstruction. The goal is to schedule my surgery during the first week of May. I appreciate your prayers for wisdom and guidance in the decision ahead!