Best day ever!! Dr. Anderson called me today to let me know that the pathology report came back with absolutely NO CANCER to be found in any of the tissue that was removed – including the left breast tissue and the sentinel lymph nodes. He said, “This is the best possible pathology report you could have!” As soon as I hung up the phone, I cried my happy tears of relief and thanked the Lord! Even though I felt pretty confident that the surgery took care of everything, it sure was wonderful to have the confirmation that the cancer was gone BEFORE I went in for surgery!

My mom sent me this video of her ringing the bell on the outside of their house. I remember when it used to hang at my grandparent’s farm house. What a wonderful way to celebrate the news!!

I’ve contacted friends and family, and posted to all my personal social media accounts. It’s been so fun to deliver GOOD NEWS during this crazy time when it’s so easy to focus on the bad. I just keep giving Him the glory for taking such good care of me! In between reading all the texts and comments, I managed to finish my puzzle today:

I received more fun mail from both sides of the family today, and my Moms in Prayer group leader brought dinner over! I’m feeling all sorts of love and gratitude!