I’m happy to report that I finished the 2000-piece puzzle yesterday! Tara helped a bit when she found out how fun it was. All the bright colors and details made it come together faster than I expected!

I had my first follow-up appointment since surgery this afternoon with the plastic surgeon, Dr. Storm. He said everything looks like it’s healing nicely! The nurse was able to remove the two drains that have been ready since Monday, and I’m still really close to being ready with one and a little bit longer on the other remaining one. I’m supposed to call in again on Monday with the outputs. Dr. Storm wants to see me again in two weeks to add more air to my tissue expanders as my body will absorb some of it over time. The exchange surgery won’t happen until at least mid-July so I have plenty of time to heal up.

I also asked about how long I should be taking the narcotics, and the nurse said the average is about two weeks. When I checked with my breast cancer survivor friends, they said about the same, so I guess I’m still on track!

Kent and the girls have been working on the siding project again, and he’s hoping to have this side completely finished (siding, paint, and scaffolding taken down) by the end of the weekend!

When I came outside to take this photo, I noticed that the yellow flowers were blooming! I said something about it to Kylie, and that I wasn’t sure what kind of flower it is, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t black-eyed Susans because the centers aren’t dark. She said they must be the non-violent variety! Ha ha!!