Great news!! I went to Dr. Storm’s office this afternoon expecting to just have the left side drain pulled, but they went ahead and pulled them both out! I feel SOOO much lighter!

The funny thing was that it has been raining a LOT today, and I had my umbrella with me, so when I left the exam room there was quite a bit of water left on the floor. The nurse came after me to check to see if I was leaking, and then realized it was just from my umbrella. We had a good laugh, and then as I was walking out, I realized I actually was leaking a bit on the right side! So I came back and the nurse practitioner taped some gauze over it, and I’m fine!

I got to see my prayer group in person today, which was amazing!! We ordered in lunch, and for a little while it felt like life was almost normal again. I also feel like I can start backing off the narcotics now – finally.

FYI – I’ve canceled my temporary mailbox service. These came from church friends who know my real address! Thank you, friends!!!