I really did start feeling a LOT better after the drains came out yesterday! In fact, I only took narcotics twice – the last dose was at 12:40am this morning. This afternoon, I was looking online to find out what the symptoms of addiction were because I wasn’t feeling like I needed it anymore, but I wanted to know what to expect. By dinner time, I wasn’t feeling very good. I knew I had already had some cold sweats throughout the day, and I was starting to feel slightly nauseous and quite restless. So I took a half pill (which is the most I’ve been taking all along). Now I feel more tightening in my chest – I wasn’t feeling that earlier today when I just took Tylenol. However, I don’t think I’m addicted. I think my body has become dependent. I found out there’s a difference! So I will back off a little more slowly, and I’m sure I can be done with narcotics for good very soon, but this was the main reason why I didn’t really want to take them in the first place!

The girls and I had some fun delivering gift bags of goodies to the volunteer leaders in our student ministry this afternoon. We’ve been having services online on Wednesday nights, followed by zoom meetings with their student groups. This week was the last time they met with their groups, so I wanted to make sure they received something special!

I passed off some of the bags to a couple of the pastors, so it really only took us a little over an hour each to deliver our assigned bags. We have a few left to deliver tomorrow as well, but Kylie has already volunteered to do those as she had such a good time driving around today!