It’s the little things, like tiny hairs growing above my eyes, that make such a big difference now! At first I thought I just didn’t get my eyebrow pencil washed off completely, but then I realized I have actual hairs growing back!! There are some tiny hairs filling in around my hairline as well, but I don’t think the photo is focused very well in that area. My eyelashes, on the other hand, have thinned quite a bit. Hopefully they will grow back soon also!

I started taking the hormone blocker letrozole on Thursday night. I read somewhere that taking it in the evening instead of the morning could reduce hot flashes. I also started developing a dry cough and felt a bit short of breath and got myself a little freaked out. These can be side effects of the letrozole, but of course they are also hallmark signs of COVID. Which was it?? I finally decided to pray about it. I remember the Lord telling me that He would be my mask very early on – even before the pandemic started. I wanted to find out if that was still the case. He reassured me that He was still taking care of me. Today, I haven’t had a cough or felt short of breath, even though the air was quite warm and humid outside today!

Tomorrow I get to have a massage for the first time since everything closed down, and I’m sooooo looking forward to it!