Yesterday I had my second round of antibody infusions (to prevent recurrence). The side effects the first round were really minimal to none, and I expect the same this time around – thanks so much for your prayers! Once again, there were delays and it took a bit longer to get everything done, but I wasn’t in a rush and neither was Kent, so we just enjoyed spending the afternoon together. The best news of the day was that the hemoglobin numbers are finally coming back up – almost back into the normal range! They’ve been low since February. I can tell a difference when I go walking that I don’t get as winded as I used to and can go a lot faster because of that!

Today I had a follow-up appointment with the lymphedema specialist. I was supposed to try on my compression sleeve, but found out that insurance required pre-approval that just got granted yesterday so it hasn’t even been ordered yet. She still used her electronic pulse machine on some of my tighter chest muscles and scar tissue and that was very relaxing!

I went grocery shopping at Aldi this afternoon and an older lady told me she really liked my haircut! (Kent bleached it on Sunday, and in a couple more weeks the plan is to go Smokey Blue.) I thanked her and told her that my hair was just growing back after chemo. She said, “Oh, I’ve been through that too!” She had ovarian cancer about 30 years ago. She also told me that she wasn’t supposed to be alive, but she’s glad to still be here! It sure felt like a divine appointment.

When I got home, I was answering my Instagram messages, and accidentally video called a soapmaker in Slovakia!! The best part was that she answered and we got to chat for a few minutes! We talked about my hair – she thinks I should leave it blonde – and also about soap, of course.

In the last three days I’ve also had three different soapmakers I’ve never met tell me that they are still praying for me. How does this happen apart from the Lord prompting them to pray? I can’t explain how comforting it is to know that He cares for me enough to do that. He brings people to my mind to pray for also – how special is that??

The next big thing will be my exchange surgery one week from today! The tissue expanders come out, and permanent implants go in. It will be an outpatient procedure, and much simpler than my first surgery. Very excited for that!!