I can’t believe this is already the third time I’ve received just the herceptin and perjeta infusions! My time at the Cancer Center was the shortest it has ever been for an infusion today since I didn’t have to see my oncologist, and they’re all finally on board as to the order I like to get them in – herceptin first, followed by perjeta – which is the opposite of how most people get them!

I also had a new nurse today who was really on the ball. It helped that her workstation was right outside my room, so whenever the machine beeped to say the bag was empty, she was right there! She was also kind enough to print off my lab results for me, and I’m happy to report that my white blood count is back up into the normal range! Unfortunately, I’m still anemic from the chemo and those numbers have even dipped since last time I was in. Not sure how or why that happened! My creatinine number was also borderline high which indicates a kidney issue, but nothing serious at this point. My plan is to drink even MORE water if possible to keep things nice and flushed out.

I’m really feeling pretty great overall though. We figured out sort of by accident that bumping the ceiling fan up to medium speed during the night actually prevents a lot of my hot flashes, and if I do get one, I can cool back down a lot faster and get back to sleep. I feel stronger when I exercise, and my energy level is coming back up since the last surgery.

I’m looking forward to having my parents come for a visit in a few days. We’ve been to their house a few times recently, but they haven’t been to our house in about a year! They like to come near the time of the girls’ birthdays. It will be great to see them again!