I’ve had two acupuncture sessions now – first one was Monday, and the second one was today. It’s hard to say if it has helped with either the neuropathy or the hot flashes just yet since I am still experiencing both, but perhaps with less frequency and intensity? The sessions are cumulative, and my acupuncturist is recommending eight sessions and then evaluate whether I want to continue or not. I did allow her to place needles above my waist, as she explained that the needles really are tiny and shouldn’t cause any lymphedema problems. She said the Cancer Centers of America all have acupuncturists on staff and understand the benefits!

The girls each experienced a milestone yesterday. Tara voted for the first time in the Kansas primary, and Kylie had a birthday!

The girls met up with Kylie’s friends at Skate City for a couple hours, then Kent and I joined them at Pie Five afterward with her birthday cake. Kylie loves to make her own cakes, and has since she was pretty young!

This week I opened registration for the August soap challenge as well! We are doing Layers with Drop Swirls. Here’s the soap I made for the video tutorial:

I really love how this one turned out! Looking forward to seeing how the Club members create their own interpretations of this design!

It feels like it has been a busy week, but definitely filled with a lot of fun things! Tara is getting ready to move back to college on Sunday (insert sad face). Kent and I are planning to drive down with her to bring all the things that won’t fit in her tiny car, and then turn around and come right back home. I know she’s more than ready to be back at school, and she will have a great time! I really treasure the extra time we’ve had with her since March, and I’m so very thankful for her love and support and overall great attitude!