I met my friend Summer when she became one of my customers at the Olathe Farmer’s Market in 2004. Her two oldest kids are very similar in age to Tara and Kylie, and we became super close right before she and her family moved away from Kansas just a couple years later.

Every year we would get together, whether that meant meeting up in a fun destination, or taking turns visiting at the other’s house.

March 2007 when I visited Summer in Ohio

People would ask if we were sisters, and although not blood related, we definitely love one another like sisters. Summer was the one who introduced me to pedicures:

June 2011 – Summer came to visit me in Kansas

The last time we got together was three years ago to celebrate Summer’s 40th birthday.

June 2017 in Alabama

Summer is a very talented professional photographer and I had talked to her a long time ago about taking the girls’ senior pictures. It never worked out for her to take Tara’s, but when she started planning her family’s road trip through Kansas this week, it was the perfect time to take Kylie’s!

We had some fun adventures last night, and I can’t wait to see how the photos turn out! The best part was being able to visit with Summer this morning before they had to head out. It was so good for my soul to see her and her family – even for a short time, and I just know that we can’t let three years go by until the next visit!!

So tomorrow I plan to take the next step in my hair color adventure which is to dye it “smokey blue.” I can’t wait to see how that will turn out! Then Monday it’s time for another antibody infusion. I’m very interested to see how my bloodwork comes back this time after doing the acupuncture sessions. The seeds are still in my ears, and I’ve been faithfully squeezing them every day!