Today’s antibody infusions were the half way point to the finish line! Just four more to go! My labs were slower than usual to come back, but they were all looking good – even the creatinine came back down into the normal range. White blood count was within normal, and red blood count and hemoglobin numbers were up from last time too – hooray! Dr. Corum (my oncologist) talked to me about getting Prolia injections every six months starting with my next infusion in three weeks to help prevent osteoporosis. My bone density scan already showed that my numbers were slightly low, and the hormone blockers that I’m taking also have the potential to contribute to bone loss.

As you can see from the first photo, my hair is now blue!! It’s quite a bit brighter than either Kent or I expected, as you can see from the box:

Kent just colored it for me last night, and I’m sure it will fade over time. It might even look closer to the photo on the box! I’m just going to go with it for now, and embrace my new persona: