I realize I haven’t blogged in quite awhile – mostly because there hasn’t really been anything new to report. And then yesterday as I was getting ready to take a shower, I noticed that my right breast was quite red, slightly swollen and warm to the touch. I figured that probably wasn’t normal, so I called my oncologist. He thought it might be cellulitis, and wanted me to come in to get it checked today. I was able to see the physician’s assistant and her opinion was also cellulitis, so she prescribed 10 days of augmentin (oral antibiotic), and hopefully that will take care of it!

Otherwise, I feel well enough that I want to do all the things I did before cancer, but I don’t quite have the energy yet! So, it’s been slightly frustrating – especially as we’ve been working on our bedroom and bathroom because it’s taking a lot longer than I hoped. There’s really no deadline though, so I’m trying to just take it easy and enjoy the process. The Lord has been teaching me to rely on Him instead of my own strength.

The toilet room is almost complete! I’ll have a photo of that soon. I have new knobs for my dresser that I really love because they match the glass in the lights on the headboard. I’ve put a coat of primer on the dresser drawer fronts, but that’s as far as that project has gone.

This week we are wrapping up the September soap challenge, and I still need to put everything together for the October tutorial as registration will open for that challenge on Monday. Now that the weather is cooling off, Kent ordered more siding to finish up on the east side of the house. I’m guessing he’ll want to start that project this weekend. We never seem to lack things to do around here!