I remember reading a post in my breast cancer support Facebook group from one of the ladies who said she was so itchy from the antibody infusions that she couldn’t sleep. At that point I was having some itchiness as well, but nothing too drastic, and thought about how grateful I was that it wasn’t interfering with my sleep. Until last night. It’s sort of strange because it’s not like a constant itch in one spot. It moves around! My back and scalp itch fairly often, but then I’ll have a spot on my shoulder, or my ribs, or my leg, or… I was itchy, but my legs were also restless, and the combination kept me up until I gave up around 2am and found the melatonin. I spent a lot of time praying for friends, family, and our nation as I lay there awake. The melatonin finally kicked in around 3am, and I slept for a few hours before I woke up again! I think I went back to sleep for another couple hours, but that was it for the night.

I went back to the Facebook group to read more about it today, and I think it is neuropathic itching. There’s nothing visible. Others also describe it as feeling like bugs crawling around under the skin. Several said that icing helped, and one person recommended a mushroom supplement that I’d like to try. I have been taking a break from acupuncture just to see how much it was actually helping, and now I’m thinking it may be time to go back!

My dresser painting project is taking longer than I thought. I had done a coat of primer and the first coat of paint on one side, but quickly realized that I didn’t use enough primer as there was some yellowish bleed-through. The paint wasn’t flattening out as well as it did on the headboard either. I sanded it down, painted a couple more coats of primer, added some water to my paint, and tried another coat. As you can see, it’s still not flattening out and I have a lot of brush marks:

After a bit of research (I joined a Facebook group for painting furniture!), I decided to get some floetrol and a velour covered roller to cover the larger areas. They also suggested thin coats and sanding between each coat. I’ve sanded this side down, and maybe tomorrow I’ll try to get another coat on it with the roller if I’m not too tired!

Meanwhile, Kent has gotten started on the siding project this afternoon. This was the last of the house wrap though, so he’ll have to get more to go all the way to the top.

Fortunately, this is a much smaller (and easier!) area to cover, and most of it is accessible from the ground.

Tonight is date night, and I told Kent that I’d prefer to stay in. I feel like my immunity is compromised when I haven’t slept as much, and honestly, I’m just too tired to go out! Praying for better sleep tonight!!