Now that my hair is getting a little longer, I’ve been experimenting with combing it forward and to the side. My family hasn’t said anything so far, so I’m not sure if they like it or have noticed… I ordered a silver blue semi-permanent hair conditioner on Amazon tonight to see if I can go back to more of a bluish tint without being too purple/periwinkle. Hopefully it will be easier to maintain the color as well! Might as well experiment while it’s short.

Also just wanted to report that I’ve been having a lot of headaches since the latest antibody infusion – almost daily. They started out pretty mild, and have gotten more intense. I’ve been taking Tylenol with some aspirin which works a little bit. Feels like a stress headache, and it typically goes away with sleep. I didn’t think I was feeling all that stressed, but I have been known to suppress negative emotions before!

Finally, I made an appointment with my primary care doctor to get my left shoulder checked on December 2nd. That was her first available. The first week of December is going to be a busy one with doctor appointments! Last antibody infusion on the 1st, primary care on the 2nd, port removal on the 3rd, and Kent will have one last Lasik procedure on his right eye on the 4th. Sounds like a great way to finish out the year, doesn’t it?