I’ve finally gotten a diagnosis for my left shoulder problem! I have adhesive capsulitis – otherwise known as “frozen shoulder.” The good news is that it can be fixed with physical therapy and I can’t hurt it by moving it – in fact, I’ve probably made it worse by not using it while waiting on a diagnosis. The bad news is that it could take up to six months to get it back to normal, and if I can’t get it loosened up with physical therapy, the orthopedic surgeon can put me under and do a shoulder manipulation to break it loose. Doesn’t that sound fun? The photo shows my current range of motion on my left side… looking forward to getting it back to normal!

I’ve had quite a few medical appointments lately! Last Thursday, I got “deported” and should be able to get back to normal activity after tomorrow! They used dissolvable stitches underneath, and surgical glue and steri-strips on top so I don’t have to go back in. Just take off the bandage and be done.

A few hours after the port came out, I had my six-month follow-up with my plastic surgeon, Dr. Storm. I explained my recurring cellulitis issues. He said it’s highly likely that the infection is in the capsule my body created around the implant and it’s very difficult for my white blood cells to reach it, so the antibiotics have knocked it back but not fully out. That’s why it keeps coming back. His recommendation was to stay on the antibiotics for six weeks to make sure it’s gone. Otherwise, I might have to have another surgery to remove the implant and put in a new one. I’d really rather not do that, so I’m going to stay on the antibiotics.

The reality is I’m done, but I’m not done. This is even more true for my friend Chrystal who rang the bell two months ago, had her lumpectomy surgery, then found out she had been misdiagnosed and was supposed to resume chemotherapy today but her insurance wouldn’t cover it, so she was sent home. As you might imagine, this is so disheartening for her! We could both use your continued prayers.