I appreciate the texts and messages from family and friends checking in on me this week! I figured I should probably give an update since it’s been a week since my surgery. The good news is I was feeling well enough to make soap today! The photo shows what was left over after I poured the majority of it into the mold. I like making mini soaps with the little bit of extra batter.

I may have over exerted myself a couple days after surgery, as I had some bleeding around the drain opening. I didn’t even realize it until I was putting my pajamas on that night and realized my shirt had a spot on it. Kent was able to put some gauze on it and it stopped at some point the next day. I still have two more days until the drain gets pulled, and I can’t wait!!! There’s hardly anything in it, but Dr. Storm says it’s good to have the negative pressure on the open cavity.

I did manage to finish another puzzle over the weekend that was very fun! Only after I spilled some water on the puzzle table and had to put the wet pieces in the air fryer on dehydrate… And then glue the layers back together after they separated… It was an adventure on several levels!! The pieces fit a little tighter, but overall I think it was a success!

My next surgery to get a new implant put back is now scheduled for March 2nd – exactly four weeks after the first one. I will continue to take the Augmentin oral antibiotic for another four weeks, and once the dressing comes off on Thursday, I have an antibiotic ointment to apply to the incision twice a day as well. This infection will be attacked from all sides!

I discovered an interesting bit of information today in one of my Facebook groups (I’ve joined several that apply to the various treatments I’ve received!). The Prolia injection that I received to improve my bone density (which is affected by the hormone blocker pill I take daily) has cellulitis listed as one of the side effects. I’m scheduled to get my second injection next month, and I would appreciate prayers for wisdom on whether or not I should continue this drug.