Here’s the before surgery photo from 7am this morning. If you remember, the goal was to get my implant put back in now that the infection is (most likely) gone. There was a chance that Dr. Storm would need to place a tissue expander if there wasn’t enough room. I really wanted this to be my last surgery and asked for prayer. Last night I had to settle in my heart that no matter the outcome, God’s plan is best. So while many of you prayed that this would be a “one and done” surgery, that turned out not to be the case. I had to get the tissue expander and a drain today because the space had shrunk down to almost half of what it was before the infection. Does that mean that God didn’t hear our prayers? Absolutely not! It’s means that He has a better way than what I want. My hope is in Him and Him only, and that is what gives me peace.

Friends from church delivered this beautiful bouquet to our front porch shortly after we got home, and by now you should know how much I love flowers!! Definitely a bright spot in my day! Kent has also been an excellent nurse.

So far the pain is managable and my worst complaint this evening is that my throat is still sore from the breathing apparatus. I’ve determined to do a better job of resting this time around, although I’m very grateful that the weather has MUCH improved since my last surgery. There are definitely some slow walks in the sunshine in my future, but for now, my butt has been firmly planted on the couch with occasional walks to the bathroom or the kitchen. Tara gave me some movies for Christmas that I am very much enjoying! I’m so very grateful for your prayers for healing and a swift recovery. I have no idea when the next surgery will be, but I’ll keep you posted!