Just for a frame of reference, there are three different markers that are checked when you get diagnosed with breast cancer that show what is feeding the tumor. I was positive for all three: HER2, estrogen, and progesterone. The chemotherapy targeted all of them, but specifically the HER2, which is the most aggressive of the three. Since the chemo sent me into menopause, there are three different aromatase inhibitors (hormone blockers) that work for post-menopausal women that I could potential take for the next 5-10 years to help prevent recurrence. I’ve tried two of them, and now I’ll be trying the third. Letrozole gave me horrible joint pain in my shoulders, Exesmestane made my heart race (and cost over $100/month!), and now I’ll be trying Anastrozole. Praying that it doesn’t cause any unbearable side effects because the price was just $3.43, and there aren’t any other options. There is a hormone blocker for pre-menopausal women called Tamoxifen, but Dr. Corum said it wouldn’t be as effective for me and it would be a last resort (better than nothing).

Good news for Kylie! We went back for her latest check-up yesterday, took more x-rays to see how the bones are healing, and Dr. Schmidt said she is free to walk on her foot again as long as she wears the boot!

She’s very happy about this latest development! It was very nice to see her walk into work yesterday, and today it’s just a little bit sore. She’s hoping to try to drive soon as well. The nurse suggested wearing the surgical shoe for that, as it will allow for mobility in her ankle.

Thank you for your continued prayers for both of us!! I hope you are enjoying the summer! How is it July already??