Two years ago today I received the call after my double mastectomy that there was no cancer remaining in my right breast, nor did they find anything in my lymph nodes! I had been through six rounds of chemo and would be facing reconstruction surgery, nine more antibody infusions and starting a five-year regimen of a daily hormone blocking pill to prevent recurrence. My oncologist estimated just a 15% chance of recurrence if I completed both of these treatments. I’ve been through some unpleasant side effects and an infection that held on for several months, but over the past year I have finally healed from all of that and I’m feeling so much better! Just three more years of the hormone blocking pill – I hope. I’ve heard that time frame could get extended if I’m willing…

Last year my family celebrated with me in Bentonville, Arkansas. This year, I started celebrating a little bit early when my friends came to visit. The goal was to get photos with as many of the KC hearts as possible before they get taken down on June 1st. There are 154 of them all over the Kansas City area, and so far I’ve been to 14:

Both girls are finally home for the summer so we went out for dinner tonight to celebrate all together!

Redrock Canyon Grill – because they have my favorite salad!!

I’ll have my 6-month check-up with my oncologist on May 24th and hopefully he will say, see you in another six months to a year! So grateful for another milestone – God is so good!!