Although it was quite windy, it was definitely a beautiful day for a walk through the neighborhood! I have walked these streets for almost 18 years, and when I’m healthy, I walk pretty fast. Now that I’m slow, Kent doesn’t mind going with me and it’s nice to have this time together. He remarks on the houses as we pass by, and I forget that he hasn’t seen them hundreds of times like I have!

My legs are still sort of numb/tingly today, so it feels a bit odd when I walk. Now that I’ve stopped, the blood flow still feels weird around my ankles!

I spent most of the morning getting the winners announcement for the February Soap Challenge finished up. It’s an impressive line-up when you consider that all of these entries are the result of the Challenge Club members teaching someone who has never made soap before to create them!

About email notifications:

There are nearly 100 people who no longer receive email updates from this blog, and I think it’s because I didn’t have a double opt-in set up. I’ve since added that feature, which means once you sign up, you should get an email asking you to verify that you want to receive the updates. Hopefully this will keep my updates out of your spam folders and prevent you from getting kicked off the list! If you signed up previously and no longer receive updates, try signing up again.

Update again: Well, the double opt-in doesn’t seem to be working, so I’ve disabled it. I’m still trying to find a solution!!