I slept pretty well last night after treatments! Fell asleep on the couch and just stayed there all night. Woke up with hot flashes a few times, which is definitely the norm right now, but at least I slept! It gave me the energy I needed to exercise this morning which felt really good.

I asked the girls to do my make-up today just for fun. Kylie did Tara’s last night and it turned out amazing – blue lips and all! Kylie did my eyes – it was my first time trying falsies, and they feel pretty weird! Tara did my brows, and since I wasn’t going for blue lips, I found a Mary Kay lipstick sample that worked better with my color scheme!

The weather was amazing today! I sat outside and watched Kent work for a little while, until I figured I had enough sun. He was able to get siding installed all the way up the front of the chimney:

My taste buds are still a bit off and my appetite isn’t very strong, but I continue to eat! I made some chicken salad for the family for dinner tonight, and even made myself a gluten-free, dairy-free brownie mug with chocolate syrup on top for dessert – just for a bit of comfort food. I’m feeling tired again tonight, but it’s time to take my last dose of steroids. Praying for good sleep again and enough energy to participate in my Moms in Prayer group via Zoom in the morning!