This is one of the soaps I made for the June soap challenge. This morning I was so excited to open registration for the Club again after taking off the month of May! Apparently the members were excited to get back to it as well – already 199 soapmakers have signed up on the first day which might be a new record!! Still six more days to join!

I’ve been going for walks every morning now that the weather is warmer. It’s almost TOO warm if I wait any later than 9:00 – especially if the sun is shining! My ankles have finally stopped swelling up during the day, so I don’t have to wear my compression socks anymore. They were making me rather toasty in the heat!

Speaking of heat, I’m still working through hot flashes at night. They’ve gotten better since Kent started leaving the air conditioner fan on all night. I’m also learning how to throw the covers off really quickly when I feel one coming on! Ha ha!

I can tell I’m making progress with the physical therapy exercises to get the range of motion back in my shoulders. My right arm (where they removed the lymph nodes) is definitely more stuck than the left, but both have definitely improved!

I’m also off of all pain meds including Tylenol and ibuprofen since last Friday. The nurse practioner at Dr. Storm’s office encouraged me to get off them as soon as possible so that my body isn’t used to them by the time of my next surgery.

Finally, here are the sweet cards I’ve received since my last post. The one with the sleeping kitten and restaurant gift card is from one of my dearest childhood friends. She said she got it for me pre-COVID, then it got lost in the chaos. Fortunately we are back to a time when restaurants are re-opening! The one on the right is from a soapmaking friend who is continually reminding me that she is praying for me. So very grateful for all the prayers and support I continue to receive!