For those who don’t know what I do for a living, I created an online international Soap Challenge Club about six years ago. There are usually 250-300 soapmakers from 25-30 different countries who participate on a monthly basis. When I first started, I was the only one teaching and I’d demonstrate a different cold process soap technique each month, but now I have guest teachers on a regular basis as well. Those who register for the Club decide how they would like to design their own soap with the technique, can choose to enter it in the challenge, and members vote on the winners. I have a variety of soap supply vendors who sponsor the challenges and provide prizes for the winners.

I asked my friend Rebble if she would be willing to learn to make soap for the February challenge. We’re doing a “collaborator challenge” which means that members will need to teach a family member or friend who has never made soap before how to make the soap they will enter in the challenge. We did it three years ago, and it was an absolute blast! Kent was my guinea pig for that one, but since he’s made soap now, he no longer qualifies!

Kent showing off his handiwork!

So Rebble came over this afternoon and did a fabulous job! I had her make two different designs, and I can’t tell you what they are or show them to you because I know I have soapmakers from the challenges reading this blog and I can’t reveal too much!

This was the big finish – Rebble is saying “SUPER STAR!” And that she is!

So grateful for my “village” that is keeping me going strong! Yesterday was a bit of a bump in the road when I realized my hair is starting to shed. I really thought I was going to be ok with losing my hair – part of the process, you know? But I’ve kind of grown to like my new short hair cut… My mom said ironically she never envisioned me losing my hair before my brother! We’ll see how long it takes before I decide to just shave it off – my scalp is so itchy!!

I would appreciate prayers as I go in for yet another biopsy tomorrow morning – this time on the left side. I honestly don’t expect this one to come back as cancer. They are just following up on some suspicious spots that were found on the MRI right after my diagnosis. The radiologist found very miniscule calcium clusters almost in my armpit, next to the same cluster that was biopsied in 2014 that came back benign. Since they are miniscule and so close to my armpit, she said it could be a bit tricky to get to them, but she has some ideas on how to do it. Awesome. Please pray she’s successful and it doesn’t take HOURS!