One of the side effects from the chemo that hasn’t quite gone away yet is the swelling (lymphedema) in my legs and ankles. It’s not terrible – I get sock lines around my ankles and my legs just feel heavier than normal. I emailed my nurse navigator about it today though and I’m glad I did! She wants me to meet with the lymphedema specialist at the Cancer Center who can measure the fluid under my skin and even deeper, apparently! My appointment will be next Tuesday, May 5.

In the meantime, I will continue to go for walks – I finally convinced Kylie to go with me to Blackbob Park this afternoon (photo above)! And I will continue to wear my stylish compression socks, and try to keep my legs elevated whenever possible:

Thanks for your continued prayers! Surgery is two weeks away! I also told my nurse navigator that I don’t like the idea of taking narcotics. She said to talk to my surgeon and anesthesiologist about my options. They may be able to give me something “lighter” to take the edge off.

I’ve also been making some fun soaps recently. Here’s the latest one, freshly poured in the mold: