This morning I posted this verse image on my personal Facebook page because it has been the theme throughout this journey:

The Lord keeps reminding me of it every time something new comes my way. It’s easy to know it in my head, but it’s another thing entirely to believe it with my heart. The first clue that I don’t actually believe it with my heart is whenever I’m not at peace. This afternoon I was thinking about my upcoming surgery and how it made me feel. I was remembering the last time I had surgery five years ago, and coming out of anesthesia feeling very alone. I could see medical people walking past me, but no one came to talk to me for what seemed like a very long time! I felt like no one knew I was there. So I asked the Lord what He wanted me to know about that time.

He said, “I knew where you were. I never left you. I was by your side the entire time and I will be again. You can trust me to stay.”

I asked Him if I could feel His presence this time – even if I’m feeling sick or in pain or confused.

He said, “Especially then. You know I love you and want to carry your burdens. This is a burden you don’t need to bear. Even physical burdens can feel light when you share them with me… Healing is a process that has already begun and I will see it to completion. There is a day when you will have no more sickness or disease.”

I felt like Martha responding to Him when He told her that Lazarus would rise again, and she said, โ€œI know he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day.โ€ Because I told Him I know there is a day when I’ll be in heaven and there won’t be any more sickness or disease and I look forward to that!

He said, “There is much to look forward to, but don’t miss out on today. I have given you all you need for this day, and I will continue to provide in each day going forward. Look for my presence and provision. You will see it. I am here to give you abundant life, not mediocre life. Each day is a gift and a blessing to look forward to.”

Sure enough – I went for my walk this afternoon and my energy was the best it’s been in a long time! My pace was definitely faster and I felt like both my heart and my legs were much stronger. My ankles are still a bit swollen this evening, but your prayers are being answered!! I’m so grateful for His provision for today, and look forward to seeing what tomorrow brings!

For those who wanted to see what the pink soap looks like: