Kent and I had such yummy Chick-Fil-a salads tonight thanks to gift cards from a friend that arrived in the mail today!! It was perfect timing, as I had no idea what we were eating otherwise. My new hat came in the mail yesterday from a friend of a friend. It’s from a nonprofit foundation called Rae of Sunshine – dedicated to eliminating the stigma of mental health, providing support resources, and promoting positive acts of kindness. The hat is a very nice weight, quite soft, and I love the sunny logo on the front!

Each day I’m gaining strength and energy to do the things I enjoy. Last night I got out of the house for the first time since my treatment last Monday for a student team leadership meeting at church, and today I was able to make a batch of soap just for fun! It’s a beach theme, loaded with confetti soap pieces, and smells amazing too. I can’t wait to cut into it!

The reflux is still nagging me this round, and probably my most annoying side effect. It doesn’t bother me too much during the day, but I’m still sleeping in my bed with a wedge – thank you for loaning that to me, Joleen! Last night I attempted to lay flat and it didn’t take long before I had to grab an antacid and put the wedge back. Otherwise, I’m really feeling pretty good! Energy isn’t quite back to normal, but it’s getting there. If I had to work outside the house, I definitely could. Just grateful I get to stay home!