Oh yeah – I do!! Dr. Pedersen sent someone to deliver this blanket and card directly to my porch today! Maybe I have an advantage because we go to the same church, but she’s honestly one of the sweetest people I know. By the way, Love to Smile Dentistry is going to Brazil next month to bring much needed dental care to some of the remote tribes that live along the Amazon river. They are raising funds to purchase portable equipment to take with them.

I’m happy to report that my heart is pounding less each day – thank goodness!! I was able to do some yoga this morning and then go for a walk this afternoon. I still took it fairly slow, but I could tell it was far less taxing than my walk on Monday.

Neuropathy comes and goes. It’s still not as bad as it was before I started taking L-glutamine and B vitamins, and sometimes I hardly notice it at all – like earlier today. Then I got up after eating dinner tonight and my left big toe was suddenly numb. I still have a couple of fingertips that are sensitive to pressure as well.

My energy and appetite are pretty strong now, and heart burn is under control. I’ve been able to sleep in my bed without the wedge for several nights now!!!

I’m looking forward to going to Kylie’s next Winter Guard competition tomorrow afternoon! They had a four hour practice tonight after school, so they should be ready to go!