I think one of my fears when this whole thing started was that the initial shock of the news would wear off for people, and I’d be kinda waving out in the wind after a few months. Perhaps I underestimated my people – I know I underestimated my God! There’s no slack, there’s no LACK for anything! Every time I turn around, another blessing comes my way. Another hug, another smile, another reminder that someone is praying. Then there are the tangible things…

Last night at 5:30 UPS delivered a box of goodies from Majestic Mountain Sage – one of the soap supply vendors who has been so instrumental in sponsoring the soap challenges and supporting me personally. You can see in the photo above all the amazing gifts inside!! Everything from a cozy blanket to herbal teas, tumblers, and fabulous skin care! What you don’t see is a handwritten card signed by all the employees with a sizable check inside. I’m blown away!!!

If that’s not enough, it’s probably time to tell you the story about how my house is being cleaned by Cottage Care at this moment. Kent has been a member of a local networking group for about five years now, I believe. I was also a member for three. I decided not to renew my membership when I stopped selling my soaps retail. This group has been such an amazing support system for both of our businesses, and the people are some of our really great friends. They collect dues from the members to be used for food for social events for the group, but also to donate to worthy causes such as underprivileged families at Christmas time. I was part of the group that would go out and purchase gifts for families and then we came back to our house to wrap them – two years in a row.

When I told Kent that it was probably time for him to let the group know of my diagnosis in December, they immediately contacted me and said they wanted to use the benevolence funds to assist us and one of the ideas they had was to provide house cleaning services through Cottage Care. Talk about humbling!! I just about fell out of my chair!!

I’ve also received some Valentine cards this week:

And my bulbs have bloomed!! We have paperwhites!! There are two more buds that will bloom soon as well.

So yes, I’m so stinkin spoiled right now! I’m bragging on all the amazing people in my life who have made this whole breast cancer thing not so very bad. Thank you for praying! Thank you for reminding me that you’re still here cheering me on!