Yesterday my friend Kenna popped over for a quick visit, and gifted me with a whole lot of loot!! She’s the queen of research, and she definitely found all the BEST stuff to support someone going through chemo. Comfort stuff like a neck pillow, silk eye pillow, chest pillow (to protect my port from the seatbelt), and a good book, plus necessity stuff like tummy drops, gum, peppermint tea, compression socks, and a beautiful water bottle!! The finish on this thing is absolutely gorgeous, and I had to take another photo just to show you how the light reflects different colors:

You can bet I’ll drink plenty of water from this beauty!

We have tentative plans for her return later in the week when she can stay longer – definitely looking forward to that!

Meanwhile, I continue to feel pretty good! I did take a little nap this afternoon, but I can tell the inside of my mouth is feeling almost back to normal! My nose is bothering me the most right now – still super dry inside and drippy. I’ve been applying shea butter with a Q-tip, and that seems to help the most with the dryness.

Also – The Freedom Diaries book arrived yesterday, and I’m already soaking it up!! Highly recommend!! (Looks like there are 15 in stock on Amazon right now – hint, hint!)