In case you were wondering, I haven’t posted in awhile because I’m doing well! My eyes are watery (they were puffy for a couple days), my ankles are still a bit swollen, my nose is drippy, and my heart only beats too hard when I’m trying to exercise so I’ve had to dial that back a bit. Just the pesky stuff. Neuropathy is next to none!

Highlights from the past several days include Kylie’s winter guard competititon on Saturday where they got bumped up to the 2nd class from the top (and the top class only had one team in it) and still took 3rd out of six teams! They were able to perform their entire show this time, and Kylie threw a six on her rifle (she tossed it in the air and it spun six times before she caught it). I was so proud!! You can see the video of the show HERE (her toss is at the 3:20 mark). This is one of my favorite photos from the show courtesy of one of the other parents:

I got a massage on Monday, which was amazing! Yesterday, I got to have lunch with some church friends (one was in town from Texas!) and then made a custom batch of lilac soap for one of my long-time customers:

And today, I got to have lunch with a new soaping friend!! (That’s Dianne and me in the top photo outside Red Rock Canyon Grill.) I connected with her via Instagram when I saw that she lives close by, and I’m so glad we were able to meet up!

I have some fun plans for the weekend, and then treatment #5 is coming up on Monday again already. Thank you for your continued prayers! I know they are working!