Today I had my 4th treatment out of 6! Kent was able to come in the morning, and my good friend Kim brought us lunch from Subway (don’t look too close, I have lettuce in my teeth!). Then Kent had to leave and Kim stayed until the end and took me home. We had a good time chatting, coloring, and listening to Craig Groeschel’s latest messages on Dangerous Prayers. Let me tell you, this one definitely challenged me!!

We also got a visit from Lexi, a pet therapy dog! She’s a Havanese – the national dog of Cuba and she was super sweet. I got to pet her for awhile, then she showed me her tricks! She’s six years old, but once the treats came out, she was ready to perform!

My oncologist Dr. Corum said I’m still on track and my labs look really great! The only thing that keeps going down a little bit each time is my red blood count (so I’m getting anemic), and there’s really nothing I can do about it as far as supplements or medication – just a side effect of chemo that will straighten out when I’m done. He said I’ll be due for another echocardiogram to check my heart at the end of March.

They gave me the herceptin first this time like I asked, followed by perjeta, taxotere and carboplatin, and I feel much better! Tired, but my tummy isn’t so weird. I only got about 2-3 hours of sleep last night due to the steroids, which is pretty much exactly what I got last round at this time. Hoping to do a little better tonight, even though I’m still taking them through tomorrow as well. Thanks so much for your prayers!!