I was determined to finish my puzzle today, so I did! The sky was definitely not easy, but I can tell my head isn’t as foggy which helps me concentrate more. I was able to exercise lightly this morning as well. My heart beats pretty hard if I exert myself though, so I’m taking it easy. My left foot and leg are still a bit tingly, and there’s still some sensitivity in my thumbs but I haven’t had any missteps or felt like I was going to roll my ankle this time around!

My taste buds are starting to go back to normal and I’ve had a little more appetite today than yesterday. Everything is moving in the right direction!

The girls were able to help Kent work on the scaffolding today. I started helping him last fall with getting the second story re-sided, and we got one section finished. It’s a slow process when you have to build your scaffolding first, but he’s doing a great job! The goal is to get it all the way up the chimney – which is pretty high up there!

We received news that the Kansas City metro area will be on lockdown from Tuesday March 24 to Friday, April 24. Our school district had already called off school for the rest of the semester. Kylie has been sad because they were supposed to have their next to last winter guard competition today. Feels like “more of the same” to me. I suppose we’ll be getting more creative with our activities at home as time goes by! I’m definitely looking forward to organizing a soap challenge for April!