I found out today that my surgery will be at 10am on Tuesday, May 12th. Apparently the OR is already booked for the entire first week of May (the stay at home order lifts in Kansas on the 3rd), so this was the first available. I have to be there by 8am to get injected with dye so that the surgeon can find the “sentinel” lymph nodes and remove them. I haven’t had any indication of cancer in the lymph nodes, so this is how they will know for sure it hasn’t spread.

The scheduler said the surgery should take about three and a half hours – that will include removing the sentinel lymph nodes and double mastectomy by Dr. Anderson, and placement of the tissue expanders for future reconstruction by Dr. Storm. As of today, Kent would only be able to come for the pre-op part of the morning, and Dr. Anderson would call him when I’m in recovery. Then the RN on the floor would call with status updates as there aren’t any visitors allowed once I’m in my room. We’re hoping that policy will change by May 12th!

Also, I just had the thought tonight that I look like the Ancient One from Dr. Strange. Kylie said, “You mean because you are bald? Yeah, ok!” Ha ha!!