When you’re stuck at home, it’s nice to have an excuse to have a little fun! Kylie’s friend Caty turned 17 today, but couldn’t have a party, so her mom asked all her friends and family to drive by her house and share some birthday love! I decided to ride along and got to see some of the other moms as well. (Thanks for the photo, Claire!!) While not ideal, I think it was a success, and Caty will be celebrating properly at a later date!

I’ve been enjoying the warmer weather and the fact that my digestive system is finally healing!! Thank you so much for your continued prayers! I can tell my heart is starting to pound again as I enter the phase in my treatment cycle when my blood counts drop, so today my focus was on pushing fluids and taking it easy. I had a good chat with my mom – it’s Friday after all!

Yesterday I made a new soap with the technique we are doing for the April soap challenge. It turned out better than expected! I was able to get it cut, but it needs a bit of shaping, so no photos yet.

I do have a photo of Kent touching the top of the chimney as he was able to build the final level of decking to reach it! Tomorrow is going to be really windy, so depending on the direction, he might be able to get more work done…

My right eye keeps twitching today. I keep thinking I’ll take a video because I’m sure it looks funny, but it never lasts long enough for me to grab my phone! Ah well! Hope you all have an enjoyable weekend! I’d love to hear what you’re up to in your confined states – leave a comment below!