This master bedroom makeover is taking some time, but the results sure have been worth it!! The photo above shows the parts of our ceiling fan that I decided to spray paint black. Kent had the great idea to re-purpose the old light globes for candles, so I painted those as well:

Yesterday, I had Kent take apart the fan so I could paint the rest of the parts and get it put back together so we could use it last night. (Hello, hot flashes if the fan isn’t running!) So grateful he’s handy like that! It’s like a brand new fan!!

The other project that I’ve been working on is my dresser! I showed you the knobs I ordered over a month ago. The information I found from the painted furniture Facebook group really helped me get the paint much smoother!! Here’s how the dresser has looked for the past 22 plus years I’ve been using it. It belonged to Kent before we were married, and it was his dad’s before that. We had no idea how old it was, and neither did his mom, but when I posted these before and after photos in the group that helped me, someone commented that her parents had a very similar bedroom set when they first got married in 1943! It’s a solid wood, beautifully crafted piece:

Even though it took longer than I hoped to get it finished up, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!!

I’m especially happy with the new knobs!! It feels complete now!!

Yes, I still have more projects to work on, but I’m really glad to have these finished up! If you are so inclined, would you please be praying for my friend Chrystal who is having her final round of chemo tomorrow? It’s been pretty rough for her. Thank you, friends!!