I got my drain out today – yippee!! Dr. Storm says I can resume normal activity levels in 48 hours, and I am SO ready to get back to exercising! My shoulders feel achy and stiff, and my legs are starting to get restless…

I also asked Dr. Storm if he had heard about any correlation between Prolia and cellulitis. He didn’t, but said he would look it up. I received a phone call from the nurse this evening saying that he found out it inhibits the body’s ability to fight infection and not to get the injection for now. I’ve been praying and researching and already came to the conclusion that I shouldn’t continue this drug for several additional reasons: 1. Once you’ve had more than one dose, you need an exit strategy to get off of it or you can end up with multiple spontaneous fractures in your spine! 2. The product monograph states that it is for women with nonmetastatic breast cancer receiving adjuvant aromatase inhibitor therapy (i.e. hormone blockers) who have a low bone mass and are at high risk for fracture. According to my bone scan, my bone density is “between 10% and 20% below young normal. Fracture risk is moderate.” 3. Although rare, cellulitis did show up in the list of adverse events on the product monograph. In conclusion, I plan to let Dr. Corum know that I won’t be getting the injection next month because of the higher risk of infection, and I want to discuss my other reasons for stopping it altogether when I see him at my appointment.

It has already been super cold for at least a week, and now we’re headed toward an even deeper freeze starting tonight! School is all virtual tomorrow, and we expect it will be on Monday as well.

Kent and I stopped by Sam’s on the way home to get a few groceries, and my Valentine bouquet! It’s going to be a Valentines Day celebrated IN.

I appreciate all the prayers for healing and wisdom. The Lord continues to answer! Last night I was at church volunteering with the student ministry and one of the other volunteers asked me about my frozen shoulder. I told her it’s pretty much back to normal, and she said that’s an answer to prayer!! Those things don’t normally heal that fast! She used to be a physical therapist and she said a total knee replacement was quicker to heal than a frozen shoulder. So I am praising the Lord again!!